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Smart Water Heater Solutions

Hardware, Software and Mobile Application Technology

Armada Power transforms 57 million electric water heaters with 260GW of connected load into dynamic energy resources. Armada goes beyond basic switches, utilizing intelligent hardware, fleet software, and a user-friendly app to deliver significant benefits to utilities, consumers, markets, and the environment.

Grid Optimizer

Active Load Management and Grid Support Hardware

Our U.S.-manufactured smart device stands out with its local frequency sensing for precise droop control and synthetic inertia. It features revenue-grade metering and temperature measurements, along with an optional leak sensor for added security. Installation is a breeze, taking roughly 20 minutes without any need for plumbing alterations, and it mounts directly onto the water heater.

Enterprise Fleet Management Platform

Armada Power’s Enterprise Fleet Management Platform is a game-changer in grid stabilization. By connecting customers’ electric water heaters to the cloud, it establishes a centralized resource for flexible load management. Our sophisticated algorithms analyze real-time temperature data and power consumption patterns to balance loads instantly during peak demand—ensuring minimal disruption while maximizing user comfort.

Mobile Application

Our intuitive mobile app gives residents direct control over their “new” smart appliance. Users can effortlessly manage their water heater settings, participate in energy-saving events, and customize operational schedules that align with time-varying rate structures or personal plans, like vacation mode. Additionally, they receive instant notifications and can access detailed analytics on their water heater’s performance, fostering greater engagement and energy consciousness.