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NEMA 4x Waterproof Grid Optimizer

A new version of Armada Power’s mighty Grid Optimizer has taken the transformative technology from an indoor-only application to one that can safely, effectively be used on water heaters outside of the home.

The NEMA 4X waterproof controller design takes the patented product – both the Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions – and adds a UL-listed, NEMA 4X enclosure. The result is no loss or change in performance, but a device that is even more versatile.

When installed on an electric water heater and connected to Armada Power’s secure, enterprise software platform, this controller effectively converts an electric resistive water heater into a rapid-response, energy storage asset without affecting end-user comfort.

Designed to solve some of the power grid’s most pressing concerns, the waterproof Grid Optimizer unlocks a myriad of benefits. Five times more cost-effective than batteries for most grid applications, it supports a variety of grid applications including demand response, thermal energy storage, energy arbitrage, renewables integration, time-of-use optimization, fast frequency regulation, cold load pickup support, droop control, and more.

The unobtrusive Grid Optimizer easily attaches to an electric water tank with no required plumbing modifications. Two small, wire probes are positioned to continuously monitor the top and bottom tank temperatures, ensuring hot water remains available to the consumer. The sensors efficiently track power and voltage in real-time and the resulting telemetry helps identify leaks, burned-out elements, and other tank anomalies.