Armada Power combines realtime data with a sophisticated control strategy to deliver frequency regulation services.


When electricity supply and demand is in sync, the lights stay on. We bring electricity consumers and grid operators together with an innovative cloud based software solution to keep the grid humming. 

Armada Power taps into a hidden asset that almost every building has: the electric water heater. Our real-time, two-way system empowers water heater owners to earn extra income in the grid market—and gives electric utilities a powerful new tool to balance their load more precisely. 



We deliver real benefits to water heaters owners. 


Create a revenue stream

Turn your existing assets into a revenue stream. Partners share in the revenue that Armada receives from utilities for providing frequency regulation services. Once enrolled, partners receive monthly payments from Armada for participating in the program. This unlocks hidden value from electric water heaters with no ongoing costs. 


Get real-time insights

Two-way communication with the water heater allows Armada Power to have insights into the health and operation of your water heater. Get real-time alerts on required maintenance to ensure that your water heater is performing efficiently. Concerned about leaks - Armada Power detects leaks in real-time and notifies you before you incur significant losses from a flooded basement. 


Maintain Customer Comfort and Energy Use

Armada Power's intelligent software monitors water temperature continuously during operation and ensures that water is always delivered at the preferred temperature. Furthermore, multiple third party tests have shown that continuous use of the water heater for frequency regulation does not result in greater use of energy or impact the life of the water heater.

Protect the environment

The majority of frequency regulation today is provided by fossil-fuel burning power generation. By using electric water heaters, Armada Power replaces polluting alternatives. We estimate that every water heater offsets ≈ 0.7 tons of CO2 per water heater annually. If you own a fleet of water heaters, Armada Power can effectively help you meet your sustainability goals. 


Manage your energy and water use

Because Armada is constantly monitoring the water heater, Armada has visibility into the energy used by the water heater as well as water use patterns. Get insights on your energy and hot water use to determine how you can manage your resources more efficiently. 


get started easily

Armada’s hardware works on your existing electric water heaters and communicates through an existing internet connection.