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At the Intersection of
Smart Home and Smart Grid

Electric Water Heater

Pool Pump

Household Thermostat

Electric Vehicle Charger


Household Appliances

Battery Energy Storage

Keeping Up With
Today’s Smart Home

Today’s smart home includes automated, dynamic control of energy-consuming appliances to use energy more efficiently, reduce utility bills, contribute to grid reliability, harness renewable power more efficiently, and significantly contribute to environmental and economic sustainability.

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Armada Power
The Leader in
Electric Water Heater
Smart Technology

Armada’s patented hardware and software solution is built to bring 57 million existing tanked electric water heaters into the digital age, harnessing the promise of the Smart Grid for residential consumers of energy, electric utility companies and grid operators.

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Community Features & Benefits

Multi-Family Properties

Value amplified through leak detection, preventative maintenance diagnostics, peak load management, insurance cost benefits, and energy cost reductions for multi-family communities.

Electric Grid Functionality & Benefits

Beyond Load Control Switches

Fleet Commander, Armada’s head-end grid controller, provides both granular and fleet-based control to aggregate and dispatch load at multiple levels, from an individual tank to a grid circuit, sub-region, or macro-region.

Resident Features & Benefits

Turn Your Electric Water Heater Into a Smart Appliance

Armada Power’s innovative solution combines an easy-to-install device with smart, secure technology to help you reduce your energy usage and save money all through a user friendly mobile app.

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