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What percent of my state’s water heaters are electric?

57M Tanks  |  256 GW Connected Load  |  32 GW – 58 GW DR Dispatchable Load

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Designed to Help Solve the Grids’ Biggest Challenges

Armada Power offers an integrated hardware and software platform created to enable a powerful suite of grid services. Our platform provides flexible, grid-scale management of large fleets of individual electric water heaters. The patented software integrates with high-tech controllers in real time, allowing utilities to manage electric water heaters effectively. Unlike legacy controllers, Armada Power’s technology offers millisecond response times that unlock many benefits and applications designed to solve the grid’s biggest challenges.

Active Load Management and Grid Support Hardware

U.S.-manufactured smart device features local frequency sensing for droop control and synthetic inertia, revenue-grade metering, temperature measurements, and an optional leak sensor. The simple installation on top of the water heater takes 20 minutes and requires no plumbing modifications.

Enterprise Fleet

Management Platform

Creates a centralized grid-stabilization resource by linking your customers’ electric water tanks to the cloud for flexible load management. Algorithms use real-time temperature measurements and power consumption to learn usage patterns and balance loads in milliseconds during peak times while prioritizing user comfort and minimizing disruptions.

Mobile Application

Homeowners have the power to remotely manage their water heater device by opting in or out of events, setting time schedules for time-varying rates or vacation mode, and receiving real-time notifications. They can also view their daily, weekly, and yearly water heater usage.

Smart Water Heaters

Armada takes advantage of the stored thermal energy in every electric water heater, enabling power to be managed without functionally degrading tank temperature. Armada only operates within the natural set point of the water heater and monitors temperature in real time.

Armada Power’s

one-of-a-kind solution

Our solution effectively unlocks individual electric water heaters’ flexible energy storage potential, reduces demand and fuel costs, balances the grid in real time, and enhances grid reliability.

The Invisible

Unlike HVAC systems and the thermostats residents interact with, water heaters are invisible appliances in the home.

Armada Power’s learning algorithms manage the stored energy in a water heater to ensure hot water is available when users require it. This non-intrusive approach consumes energy more effectively, reduces costs, and benefits the environment while ensuring customer comfort.

Armada’s Consumer App provides residents the same ability to schedule and optimize their water heater use that they have become accustomed to with Smart Thermostats.

Smart Thermostats and Smart Water Heaters go hand-in-hand for Consumers and Utility DSM programs.

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A Kilowatt of Dispatchable Load Per Water Heater

Armada Power’s forward-thinking approach brings precise control to 4.5kW of connected load in typical tanked electric water heaters and delivers the equivalent of up to 1 kW of dispatchable load per participating water heater.

When it comes to getting these resources online and residents enrolled, Armada Power has extensive experience, achieving 100% deployment at many multifamily properties.

Shifts Load Instantly

Compressor-based loads are responsive to the power grid’s needs but must be cycled for several minutes before toggling on or off. Electric resistance water heating through Armada Power does not have the cycle-time limitations of compressor-based loads, turning on and off in milliseconds with no impact on equipment lifespan.

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