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Smart Water Heater Solutions.
Making Super Smart, Super Simple.

Smart Communities
Generate Value
With Smart
Water Heaters

Armada Power transforms traditional electric water heaters by unlocking their thermal energy storage potential via our patented, enterprise software, paired with our wifi or cellular-connected water heater optimization device. All while remaining non-invasive and largely invisible to the customer.

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Real-Time Water Heater Data
Monitor power usage, water temperature, and more.

Proactive Maintenance
Receive alerts on failing water heating elements and water heater thermostats.

Vacant Remote Access
Property managers can remotely turn water heaters on and off in vacant units, reducing vacant usage and turnover trips to the unit.

Reduced Insurance Costs
Leak detection-enabled water heaters may lower insurance rates.

Easy Enrollment
Property managers can remotely turn water heaters on/off in vacant units, reducing usage and turnover trips to the unit.

Leak Alerts
Leak sensor provides instant alerts to avert potential catastrophic failures.

Improves Operational Efficiencies
Proactive data enables maintenance staff to know the issue BEFORE entering a unit.

High Resident Value
The user-friendly mobile application provides peace of mind, giving residents unequaled water heater control.

No Adverse Impacts
No change in hot water availability, water heater’s warranty, or UL certification.

Quick Installation
Installed by trained technicians in less than 30 minutes.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce CO2 emissions by nearly one ton per water heater per year.

How it Works

Step 1: Installation Process

Our hardware is installed on each water heater (30 min process, retrofit or new construction). No plumbing or tank alterations required. A wifi or cellular connection is established to Armada Power’s enterprise software platform in the cloud.

Step 2: Utility Signal

Local utilities dispatch a usage reduction signal to the Armada Power platform, which then evaluates and prioritizes tanks based on status and manages the fleet based on the utility usage and reduction need.

Step 3: Smart Appliance = Energy Storage

Armada Power takes advantage of the stored thermal energy in every tank which keeps water temperature stable. Armada Power only operates within the natural set point of the water heater and monitors temperature in real time.

Step 4: Incremental NOI & Value

Utilities pay property owners a demand response participation incentive. Additionally, property owners and operators receive real-time tank data and alerts. Armada Power can also be aligned with leasing systems to reduce vacant area costs.

The Armada Mobile App
Power at Your Fingertips

Electric water heaters are one of the largest energy users in any multifamily unit. Maintenance issues, lack of visibility, and unrecognized leaks can be costly and unnecessarily strain the property’s staff and residents.

When you take advantage of Armada Power’s water heater solutions, you bring advanced water heater technology to your community, unleashing the power of a smart device without replacing a single water heater or disrupting your residents’ daily routines.

  • Unique NOI creation through utility incentive programs.
  • Participate in utility demand response programs without impacting resident comfort.
  • Reduce vacant usage carrying costs through auto set back.
  • Receive water heater energy use info for every unit.
  • Enables alignment with off-peak rate structures.