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Smart Water Heater Solutions.
Making Super Smart, Super Simple.

Turn Your Electric Water Heater into
A Smart Appliance

Do you know how much hot water you have left in your tank? Does your water heater have a leak or a bad thermostat? Can you control your water heater from anywhere, anytime? Can you easily turn your water heater off when you’re on vacation to save energy and money? Do you know how much energy your water heater uses every week? Every month? Every year? Do you wish you had a smart water heater?

With Armada, you can get all of this and so much more.

24/7 Control
Access information and control your water heater from anywhere, anytime.

Leak Alerts
Leak sensor provides instant alerts to avert potential catastrophic failures.

Preventative Maintenance
Receive alerts on failing water heating elements and thermostats.

Real-Time Data
Monitor your water heater power usage, water temperature, and more.

Usage Insights
See how much energy your water heater uses every day, every week, every month, every year.

Save Energy
Save energy and save on your energy bill with easy time-of-use scheduling.

Vacation Scheduler
Turn off your water heater when you’re away so you’re not paying for hot water you don’t need.

Quick Installation
Installed by trained technicians in less than 30 minutes.

Comfort Optimization
All the insights and control, with no change to your hot water availability.

Easy Enrollment
Complete the sign-up process in just minutes with your mobile device.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce CO2 emissions by nearly one ton per water heater per year.

Why Choose Armada Power?

For the Control
Armada Power’s connected device and user-friendly mobile app transform your water heater into a smart appliance that puts all the information you need and all the control you want at your fingertips.

For the Savings
Armada Power’s innovative solution combines an easy-to-install device with smart, secure technology to help you reduce your energy usage and save money without changing your hot water availability.

For the Future
Armada Power transforms electric water heaters into energy storage for the electric power grid to alleviate excess demand and stress and mitigate the risk of future blackouts and brownouts.

How Does a Water Heater Help Reduce Electric Consumption on the Grid?

What Does Armada Power Do?

Why is this Important?

By transforming a water heater into a smart device, we can manage groups of them as a large fleet. These fleets can then be used to add stability to the electric power grid, contributing to sustainable energy management and providing economic benefits. Armada Power’s solution accomplishes this while maintaining the temperature of the water in the tank. Plus, the data derived from the smart water heater provides significant maintenance and operations value to you.

How Does the Armada Power Device Work?

What is a Demand Response Event?

How Often are Demand Response Events Called?

Generally, the parameters for demand response events are two hours in duration once per day and a maximum of twice per week. Demand response events are typically called when the electric grid is under strain from extreme weather conditions.

Will this Affect My Access to Hot Water?

No. Armada Power’s smart solution uses the water heater tank’s natural thermal storage capacity to ensure hot water availability. We constantly monitor tank temperatures, and the water heater optimization device does not affect the existing mechanical thermostats that regulate the tank’s normal operation.

Will this Increase My Energy Bills?

No. The energy consumed by the water heater remains the same. Armada Power’s unique solution shifts energy to benefit the power grid but does not increase consumption.

Will this Negatively Affect the Water Heater’s Warranty or Safety Features?

No. The Armada Power hardware device is wired into the power line that supplies the tank. All thermostats, over-temperature protection devices, and pressure relief valves remain untouched by the installation process. Armada Power does not negatively affect the water heater’s integrity, warranty, or UL certification.