Building a Cleaner, 
More Reliable Electric Grid


Armada Power can help you leverage the thermal storage potential of electric water heaters for primary and secondary frequency regulation. We work hand in hand with the utility and our partners to deliver the required program participation goals. We can help you execute the program by providing the following support: 

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Design and Implementation 

We can support the planning and launch of demand-side management programs, so you know what to expect in terms of costs, timelines, enrollment and results. 


We install load control devices on electric water heaters produced by leading third party manufacturer with associated warranties.


Armada Power will support installation and maintenance of the product using trained electricians to provide a turnkey solution. 


Armada Power will integrate the FleetCommander™  technology platform with your demand management platform to enable the operation of the water heaters. 

Customer Support

Armada Power recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction and provides 24-hour support through established hotlines and online systems.



Your Armada Power Advantage

We can aggregate thousands of electric water heaters to appear like a single resource to the grid. This is a powerful asset with valuable benefits:

  • Better use and easy integration of intermittent resources like wind and solar

  • Defer the build-out of new generation using existing resources

  • Supplement or replace traditional sources with a more cost-effective, accurate and non-polluting solution, improving system-wide efficiency



Our Partners

Armada Power is a curtailment services provider in the PJM market today. We also have worked with the Hawaiian Electric Company to demonstrate the value of the technology. Contact us to learn more!