We turn electric water heaters into Smart Appliances


Our hardware and cloud-based software solution seamlessly
communicates with your water heater in real time.


How It Works


step 1:

The Armada Grid Optimizer is installed on the water heater (20 min process, retrofitted or new construction) and a wifi connection is established to Fleetcommander™ in the cloud.

Step 2:
U.S. Power Grid signal

As power producers hop on and off of the grid, spikes are created. The grid operators (PJM) have created markets to incent offsetting these spikes and provide grid stabilization. The spikes are very fast. Every 2 seconds, Fleetcommander™ receives a signal from the grid operator indicating a changing need for stabilization.

Step 3:
Frequency Regulation

Within milliseconds of the receipt of the grid signal, Fleetcommander™ surveys a portfolio of water heaters, determines which water heaters have the capacity to provide stability, and balances the fleet according to market needs.

Step 4:
Shared Revenue

Grid operators pay Armada Power based on the amount of balancing delivered with a premium for speed and accuracy. Water heater owners share in this revenue stream with Armada Power.



Grid Stability without Interruption


The beauty of Armada Power resides in its ability to intelligently manage the need for grid stability with the end users need for hot water. Unlike management solutions installed on things like air conditioners, which require the unit to be shut off during the most inopportune times like a hot day, Armada Power can run in the background not affecting end user comfort.

Fleetcommander monitors tank temperatures in real time ensuring that the state of “charge” of each tank is taken into consideration when grid balancing is required. If a tank’s temperature is near the bottom of its set point we won’t use it for balancing. Fleetcommander is constantly prioritizing the fleet based on grid needs AND hot water needs.



Patented Technology


At the heart of Armada Power are 7 patents developed by Battelle Memorial Institute that protect and guarantee the uniqueness of Armada’s approach. These patents range from the ability to aggregate micro electric loads into a large macro fleet and the ability to auto detect maintenance issues within the tank itself. No other water heater management solution on the market has this kind of patent depth or can demonstrate the kind of innovative solutions that Armada can bring to market.



Unobtrusive Installation


Armada can be installed as a retrofit to an existing tank or during the installation process of a new tank. The installation process is simple and easy. It takes about 20 minutes and no special parts or tools are required. You simply run the power supply of the tank through the Armada Grid Optimizer and then back down to the tank. From the water heater’s perspective it looks identical to a regular installation. We also tuck two temperature thermistors underneath the tank’s installation to measure top and bottom temperatures. That’s it. The Grid Optimizer runs on wifi communications protocol either brought to the property by Armada or provided by the property through existing wifi installations.