Meet our Team!


Armada Power was founded in 2014 to commercialize technology originally developed by the team during their time at the Battelle Memorial Institute. We are a group of individuals that are committed to leveraging underutilized assets to enable a cleaner, more reliable power grid. Our philosophy is that customer comfort is paramount and through technology we can leverage an asset for multiple uses while meeting end-user needs. We have come together to bring utilities, builders and real estate owners innovative solutions based on cutting edge research and technology. 


Leadership Team



JT has broad industry leadership experience with a variety of venture backed technology businesses. These verticals include online market places, e-commerce, third party logistics, telcom, SaaS and other tech platforms. Examples include Digital Storage, Distribution and Logistics Services, SubmitOrder, EnergyGateway, DOmedia, Agile Networks, OnSeen and JadeTrack.

He has a proven track record of success, specializing in sales & marketing, operations, raising growth capital and building strong company cultures.


Eric Rehberg, Chief Engineer

Eric Rehberg is a professional engineer who is passionate about innovating the way energy is managed today with demand side resources. Prior to starting Armada Power in 2014, Mr. Rehberg spent ten years at Battelle and American Electric Power as a research engineer. He has developed new technologies in remote asset monitoring and electrical safety at American Electric Power and is a co-inventor of the Armada Power solution.  Mr. Rehberg was named Battelle's Emerging Scientist of the year in 2013.


Mike Jones, Lead Software Architect

Mike Jones is a systems engineer with detailed knowledge of network engineering and cyber security applied to a diverse set of problems. Prior to joining the Armada Power team he worked at Battelle supporting numerous projects for Battelle's clients. For example, he established secure cloud infrastructure for sensitive health information analysis and exchange for a $200 million business. He was the lead systems engineer for a distributed evidence management system currently used by a U.S. government agency. 

Jason McCullough, Lead Hardware Engineer

Jason McCullough is a professional engineer with 10+ years of experience in grid technology at Battelle and American Electric Power. Mr. McCullough is the co-inventor of Armada's core technology and specialist in embedded hardware development and data analytics. He led data analytics for AEP’s $150-million Smart Grid Demonstration as well as development of many remote monitoring systems for predictive maintenance.