If you own an electric water heater or fleets of electric water heaters, you may be eligible to sign up for Armada Power's water heater management program. Putting your water heater to work can be accomplished in three very simple steps: 

Step 1: 

Armada Power sends a certified electrician to install a load control device on your water heater and connect the device via WiFi or cellular to our cloud-based software system. 

Step 2: 

Armada acts as a bridge between you and the grid operator, remotely turning your electric water heaters on or off for a few seconds at a time.

Step 3:  

Based on the use of your water heater you will get a revenue stream from Armada Power. The more hot water heaters you have and the more frequency regulation capacity you generate, the more you will earn.


Your Armada Power Advantage

  • Revenue sharing with Armada from the profits generated by your water heaters, unlocking value from a dormant asset
  • Minimal set-up costs or incremental expenses
  • No impact on comfort or efficiency, unlike other demand response programs
  • Seamless implementation requiring no interaction with the water heater user 
  • Consistent monitoring of the water heater for leak detection and maintenance monitoring 
  • Support for sustainability goals through offset of carbon dioxide and other emissions


Our Partners

Armada Power is already working with several large multi-family building owners and light duty commercial customers to retrofit their fleet of water heaters. Contact us to find out how you can become our next partner.