Are you a multi-family community owner looking to increase net operating income? Are you looking to develop a Smart Apartment solution to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive rental market? Are you a property manager looking to streamline and automate your maintenance activities? Armada Power can help. Our Fleetcommander technology is designed to specifically address the needs of the MDU owner and property manager. We can integrate with your largest energy users, HVAC, water heaters and EV charging stations to reduce cost, create new revenue streams and provide environmental benefits.

The alerts Armada provides have really paid off and are a GREAT TOOL. They give my guys a good starting point and lessen the overall time it takes to do repairs.

I LOVE this system in regards to maintenance.


We deliver real benefits to multi-family community owners.


Protect the environment

Armada Power uses the power going to an electric water heater twice. Once to heat the water in the tank and then a second time to provide stability to the grid. Through this double use action, Armada Power replaces the need to burn fossil fuel for grid stability. The Battelle Memorial Institute, a leading energy R&D development organization estimated that every water heater enabled with Armada’s technology offsets ≈ 0.7 tons of CO2 per water heater annually. If you own a fleet of water heaters, Armada Power can effectively help you meet your sustainability goals.


Create a revenue stream

Turn your existing assets into a revenue stream. Partners share in the revenue that Armada receives from utilities for providing frequency regulation services. Once enrolled, partners receive monthly payments from Armada for participating in the program. This unlocks hidden value from electric water heaters with no ongoing costs.


RECEIVE real-time insights

Inefficient tanks lead to unwanted energy consumption. Two-way communication with the water heater allows insights into the health and operation of your water heater. Get real-time alerts on required maintenance to ensure that your water heater is performing efficiently. Our application will tell you when your heating elements are going bad or your thermostats are set incorrectly. Concerned about leaks – Armada Power detects leaks in real-time and notifies you before you incur significant losses from a flooded basement. 


Maintain Customer Comfort and Energy Use

Armada Power's intelligent software monitors water temperature continuously during operation and balances the need for hot water with the sustainability needs of the grid. Armada’s unique algorithms ensure that water is always delivered at the proper temperature while still running grid activities in the background. Furthermore, multiple third party tests have shown that continuous use of the water heater for frequency regulation does not result in greater use of energy or impact the life of the water heater.


Manage your energy and water use

Inefficient tanks lead to unwanted energy consumption. Make sure your tank is set properly and working correctly with Fleetcommander. Because Armada is constantly monitoring the water heater, Armada has visibility into the energy used by the water heater as well as water use patterns. Get insights on your energy and hot water use to determine how you can manage your resources more efficiently.


get started easily

Armada’s hardware works on your existing electric water heaters and communicates through an existing internet connection. 



Generate Incremental Net Operating Income

Armada Power will turn your existing dormant fleet of electric tanked water heaters into real time smart appliances capable of providing grid stability. Grid operators have created markets to pay for stability assets and Armada Power will help you enter those markets and capture the value.  We have the market know how, the system integrations, and the real time intelligence through Fleetcommander necessary to not only monetize your hot water heaters but also to balance the need between the market and access to hot water.



Active Maintenance Alerting

When Armada Power is added to an electric water heater it provides and entire package of useful data and telemetry. Armada constantly monitors top and bottom tank temperatures as well as power flow and voltage. Using this real time data set Armada is able to detect maintenance issues like failing heating elements, non-functioning thermostats, and tank leaks. We take this information and provide active maintenance alerts to property management and maintenance. In many cases we are able to detect an issue, alert maintenance, and have the issue resolved even before the resident is aware. Active maintenance alerting saves energy, reduces maintenance costs and helps to prevent damage due to continuously leaking tanks.



Carbon Footprint Reduction

Water heaters using an Armada Power Grid Optimizer can eliminate up to 1 ton of carbon emissions per unit per year. By using the electricity already going into an electric water heater to also provide grid stability, Armada is able to reduce the need for other fossil fuel based assets to reserve capacity for grid stability. We are essentially using the electricity in your tank twice, and in doing so, benefiting the environment through reduced carbon emissions.



Unobtrusive Installation

Armada can be installed as a retrofit to an existing tank or during the installation process of a new tank. The installation process is simple and easy. It takes about 20 minutes and no special parts or tools are required. You simply run the power supply of the tank through the Armada Grid Optimizer and then back down to the tank. From the water heater’s perspective it looks identical to a regular installation. We also tuck two temperature thermistors underneath the tank’s installation to measure top and bottom temperatures. That’s it. The Grid Optimizer runs on wifi communications protocol either brought to the property by Armada or provided by the property through existing wifi installations.



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