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Armada Power turns interruptible electric loads into smart, sustainable, energy storage rockstars.


Armada’s patented FleetCommander software platform makes electric loads smart. This unique platform can link an unlimited number of electric loads together with the grid in real-time creating an energy storage and balancing asset that improves stability, reliability and lowers carbon emissions.

Fleetcommander’s smart prioritization enables a non-invasive experience that will not disrupt the equipment or process performance, unlike a simple switch that turns off a given load for hours at a time. Armada’s high speed, two-way solution is a game changer for grid operators and they are willing to pay for this high quality performance.

The FleetCommander platform API is being integrated to a wide variety of energy equipment, appliances and smart devices such as electric water heaters, smart thermostats, EV charging stations, VFD’s and process control systems.

Call us today to connect your fleet to the grid and start reaping the benefits of smart appliances that pay you back.


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