No setup charges. Convenient installation.
More income and savings for you.

Boost your bottom line with Armada Power.

It’s a no-cost, no-effort way to reduce energy consumption in your residential units and earn cash payments for your business.

Armada Power networks your electric water heaters to create a “fleet” of smart appliances that balances the energy needs of the tanks with the demands of the electric grid. You get rewarded with a new revenue stream.

And neither you nor your residents need to do anything differently.

Start making money


Turn water heaters into revenue generators

  • Earn $1 to $2 per tank, per month

  • No equipment and installation costs


Improve tenant satisfaction

  • Guarantee consistent, uninterrupted access to hot water – unlike other demand response programs that interrupt service.

  • Promote a greener living community through carbon footprint reduction


Extend equipment life

  • Real-time diagnostics to alert when tank performance is operating outside of preferred parameters

  • Leak detection alarms

  • Remote temperature control to lower energy usage in vacant units


Ensure cyber security

  • Secure authentication for access control

  • Full data privacy

Ask about your savings and revenue

How it works

Armada Power connects hot water tanks to the grid using your Wi-Fi network. On a continuous basis, it evaluates the energy needs of each hot water tank and the demands of the electric grid. Subtle and constant adjustments in energy consumption earn you revenue through an energy market participation program.