The U.S. has established a system of “air traffic controllers” for electricity movement throughout geographic regions. These controllers are referred to as an RTOs (Regional Transmission Organization). This RTO that covers Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and several other mid Atlantic states is known as PJM. PJM not only moves power through the grid but also manages grid stability. As load on, or supply into, the grid fluctuates stability becomes more difficult to maintain. Their goal is to keep the grid stable at 60 Hz frequency. PJM has created ancillary energy markets to incent fast responding grid stability providers. These markets are known as Frequency Regulation (FR) markets.

Armada’s FleetCommander (FC) platform is a certified, highly rated participant in PJM’s Frequency Regulation markets. FC receives a signal from PJM that changes every 2 seconds, prioritizes what assets are best to respond and fleet manages the control of these end points in real time. The 3 industrial load types Armada specializes in are wastewater, refrigeration and batteries. FC always performs these market actions in alignment with critical process control parameter ranges as identified in collaboration with the customer to ensure a non-invasive experience. PJM pays Armada based on load performance score and FR pricing.



Armada provides unique value opportunity to large commercial and industrial clients



Extract New Value from Existing Assets

  • No process disruption

  • No upfront costs

  • Opportunity for free capital equipment


Frequency Regulation, energy efficiency and monitoring

  • Free monitoring & reporting

  • Monitor and maintain customer critical control parameters

MORE benefits

sustainability & equipment life

  • Substantial carbon footprint reduction at no cost

  • 24/7 real-time equipment diagnostic opportunities



Value Proposition


Plant Operations

  • New revenue share can fund O&M budgets

  • Potential demand savings/energy efficiency

  • Real-time access to collected system data and diagnostics

  • Potential to implement a predictive alert system for faster maintenance response time

  • VFD reduces machine stress

Corporate ES&G

  • Substantial carbon offset ~2,000 tons/yr per MW

  • Process submetering - no charge, energy usage & savings monitored and reported

  • VFD install - we provide capital and you keep the equipment & recurring performance gains

  • Monthly report on CCP’s & energy savings


Critical Points

  • FleetManager does not interfere with the site operations

    • Efficient new controls can be added to equipment (i.e. VFD on refrigeration compressor or waste water blower)

    • Critical process control parameter rangers are identified and control logic for the process is programmed in collaboration with the customer

    • FleetCommander continuously monitors the state of equipment in the fleet with respect to critical control parameters and does one of three things:

      • Decides not to include equipment in a bid if there is risk of excursion from critical parameter ranges

      • Takes no action on equipment included in a bid if parameters are near limits (accepts loss of frequency revenue)

      • Includes and adjusts equipment as needed to follow PJM signal if parameters are well within range and the risk of critical parameter excursion is virtually zero

    • Since control parameters must be monitored for frequency regulation, Armada/WH can report performance to the customer on an agreed upon basis and alert the customer to problems or other anomalous changes in the performance as they occur



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